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Workshops are our trademark and one of our strongest points. For over 10 years we have accumulated a huge repertoire of workshop scenarios (in Polish and English) ranging from arts, through culinary and science to improvised dance and juggling. Workshops are the basis of our camps, weekends and green schools. We also organize them in schools and preschools.

Our repertoire:

That is, the most popular and most diverse Arts&Crafts Fun workshops. These include a wide range of painting, drawing (pastels, chalk, charcoal), clay, paper arts (paper mache, origami), decoupage techniques, collage, creating jewelry, clothing and ornaments using linen, moulin茅, wool, felt, beads, buttons, feathers, tulle, pasta, dried flowers, shells, etc. Children have the perfect space to create freely, experiment with materials and have creative art fun. The Arts&Crafts Fun workshops also include mini carpentry workshops where we create our flagship Chinese stick guns and simple wooden toys. The purpose of these Craft Fun workshops is to
  • stimulate imagination and world perception
  • .
  • develop creative thinking and manual dexterity
  • .
  • improving the ability to focus attention, visual sensitivity
  • developing the ability to think creatively and to use their hands
  • .
  • learning independence and teamwork
  • .
The extremely popular Cook Fun workshops are conducted in Polish, English and Spanish. The theme of these workshops are mainly delicacies from different parts of the world, such as making pizza, tortillas, dumplings, desserts and healthy sweets based on millet groats, oatmeal, nuts, dates, spelt flour, honey, among others. We have many of our own or adapted, proven recipes, as well as scenarios for language and culinary workshops.
Our flagship, unique Impro Fun workshops develop creative potential enormously and are based mainly on drama games and exercises taken from improvised theater, of which we are enthusiastic.
Dance Fun workshops mainly include elements of movement games with music and elements of contact improvisation. Their aim is to develop a sense of rhythm, sense of balance and space, body awareness.
Drum Fun – learning to play instruments such as drums or ukulele, as well as composing short musical pieces, learning songs, creating simple instruments from recycling, ending with a joint jam session 馃檪
These workshops, which we call Poi Fun, are not just fun and physical movement. They are exercises for the body and brain, improving concentration and memory. Among our proposals are slackline, poi, diabolo, juggling, learning to ride a monocycle, and for relaxation big bubbles 馃檪
Science Fun are simple but effective chemical and physical experiments adapted to the age of participants, as well as, for example, mini gardening (e.g. ecosystems in jars) and making simple ecological cosmetics. During these activities children exercise concentration, imagination, and also learn the basic laws of nature and remember them through experience and involvement of the senses.
That is, Lingo Fun is an art, music, theater, science, and cooking workshop conducted in English or Spanish. These workshops are planned and led in such a way that participants also develop specific language and communication skills.
W艣r贸d innych znajduj膮 si臋 warsztaty prowadzone go艣cinnie przez r贸偶nych specjalist贸w – fotograficzne, filmowe, garncarskie, sportowe z robotyki, a tak偶e warsztaty przygotowane przez m艂od膮 kadr臋 pod okiem Edukatora podczas oboz贸w i weekend贸w czyli Teens Fun.

About the Workshop


Cennik dla plac贸wek

Pakiet Multi

130 z艂
  • Udzia艂 rodzic贸w w warsztacie - gratis 馃檪
  • za 5聽dowolnych聽warsztat贸w聽do wykorzystania w ci膮gu 6聽miesi臋cy.

Pakiet Mega

230 z艂
  • Udzia艂 rodzic贸w w warsztacie - gratis 馃檪
  • za 10 dowolnych warsztat贸w do wykorzystania w ci膮gu 12聽miesi臋cy.

Pakiet Max

380 z艂
  • Udzia艂 rodzic贸w w warsztacie - gratis 馃檪
  • za 20聽dowolnych warsztat贸w聽do wykorzystania bez limitu czasowego.

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