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. Youth smiles for no reason. That is the main charm of it. Oscar Wilde

Teens Camps

If you appreciate company, but you are not fond of crowds, you like activity, but sometimes you prefer to have some peace and quiet. If you want to decide how to spend your time. If you would like to spend a night under the stars on a trampoline. If you would like to feel the adrenaline of ASG activities, get tired on kayaks or horseback in the field, win a chess tournament, do something creative, create something from nothing, and then lie in a hammock, we invite you to Hammocks&Kayaks Camps or HKC for Youth.
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Teens Classes

If you are aware that at school they do not teach you how to learn. If you have problems with remembering things and you would like to learn faster. If you realize that nowadays, when information is at your fingertips, your mind needs to be exercised. If you have been learning a language/ languages for a long time but you still have problems with a simple conversation. If you still don’t understand some grammar issues. If you would like to master several languages as quickly as possible, but you think you don’t have the ability… HKC classes – online and in class – are for you.
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Teens Project

If you like spending your time actively and at the same time you would like to learn some things which you won’t learn at school and which will surely be useful in your life, we invite you to join the Young Staff Project. During the project, which will start even before the camps, we will show you how to plan and organize workshops, games and camp events. Thanks to special techniques we will make you have a head full of ideas. You will also learn to work independently thanks to some fixed tasks in the daily plan and to work in a group while preparing adventure scenarios. Good fun and satisfaction guaranteed 🙂
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