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Happy Kid & Teens Camps were created for children and teenagers to provide them with all the recreation they need, as well as to support their creative potential, strengthen their self-esteem, instill interests and develop talents.

The strongest point of our camps are small groups, permanent, proven staff, intimate, family atmosphere, large selection and freedom of choice of activities and individual approach to each participant and each parent. 

Below you will find the offer of all our camps, mini-camps and half-camps for summer 2021. We have divided it into the offer for children aged 5-12 and the offer for teenagers aged 11-18, so the age group 11-12 will find something for themselves here and here, and it is up to the participant and the parent whether they prefer to be with younger or older friends. Please also note that some camps for younger and older campers are held at the same location.  

Winter 2022

Winter Camp Wisła

Kameralny obóz z grami, warsztatami i grupą konną.


Uczestnicy 7-12 lat; 

Miejsce Chata Samsara

Termin  27.06-4.07 (możliwa opcja 6 dni)

Cena 1680 zł (+konie) za 8 dni; Rabaty!


Winter Camp Istebna

Tradycyjne, wielotematyczne obozy HKC z weekendami przygodowymi;


Uczestnicy 6-12 lat;

Miejsce Pensjonat Karmuszka;

Termin 4-18.07; opcja 6-, 8-, 10-, 13-, 15-dniowa:

Cena od 1280 zł; Rabaty!


Summer 2021

Offer for children​


Horse Camp

An intimate camp in a farm climate with games, workshops and a horse group.

Participants 7-12 years old;

Place Samsara Cottage

Date 27.06-4.07; 6- and 8-day option

Price 1680 PLN (+horses); Discounts!

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Multi Camps

Traditional, multi-themed HKC camps with adventure weekends;

Participants 6-12 years old;

Place Karmushka Guesthouse;

Date 9-18.07; 6-, 8-, 10-, 13-, 15-day option:

Price from 1280 PLN; Discounts!

Last places in KIDS group

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Park Camp

An adventure and creative camp in a tribal climate,for children only.


Participants 7-12 years old;

Place Wyme Park, Warmia,

Date 16-25.07; 6-, 8-, 10-day option;

Price from 1280 PLN; Discounts!

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Sea Camp

An adventure and recreation camp by the sea in Kąty Rybackie. 


Participants 8-13 years old;


Date 22.08-29.08;

Place Gosciniec Nad Zalewem;

Price$1780; Discounts!

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Summer Fun Sadyba

Adventure and creative seminars for children ages 5 to 11;


Dates A 9-13.08; B 16-20.08;

Place Warsaw – Sadyba;

Price 680 PLN/ turnout

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Summer Fun Urle

Adventure and creative semi-colony for children ages 5 to 12;


Date 2-6.08;

Place Urle near Warsaw;

Price 780 PLN/ turnout;

Possibility of Accommodation

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Offer for young people

Teens Riders Camp

Cameral horse camp in Warmia, with intensive riding lessons.

Participants 11-16 years old;

Place Chata Samsara;

Date 27.06-9.07;

Option 6-,8-,13 days;

Price from 1480 zł; Rebates!

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Teens Multi Camps

A camp for youth at a traditional, multi-themed HKC camp in Warmia.

Participants 13-16 years old;

Place Karmuszka Guesthouse;

Date 4-18.07; 6-, 8-, 10-, 13-, 15-day option;

Price from 1280 PLN; No PLACES

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Teens Park Camp

Camp for youth only in Warmia, with a military group for those willing.

Participants 11-17 years old;

Place My Park;

Date 4-18.07; 8-, 10-, 13-, 15-day option;

Price from 1590 PLN; Discounts!

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Teens Sailing Camp

Mini hiking camp under sail in the Land of the Great Lakes, for HKC Teens only 🙂

Participants15-18 years old;



placestart of cruise in Gizycko in Sailor Port;


No more places

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Lingo Camp

Language and recreation camp by the sea with English, Spanish, German to choose from, paintball, sailing, etc.


Participants 11-16 years old;

Date 22.08-29.08;

Place Gosciniec Nad Zalewem in Kąty Rybackie;

Price 1780 PLN; Discounts!

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Young Staff Project

Training and recreation camps for HKC Teens who want to try their hand as a Young Cadre;

Participants 14-18 years old;

Locations in Warmia and Pomerania;

Dates 26.06-25.07; 22-29.08; 6-,8-,12-day option

Price from 890 PLN

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Teens Sailing Camp

Mini obóz wędrowny pod żaglami w Krainie Wielkich Jezior, tylko dla Teensów HKC 🙂 Uczestnicy 15-18 lat; Termin 15.08-22.08; Miejsce początek rejsu w Giżycku w Porcie Sailor; Cena 1780 zł; BRAK MIEJSC

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teens Lingo Camp

Obóz językowo-rekreacyjny nad morzem z angielskim, hiszpańskim, niemieckim do wyboru, paintballem, żaglami itp. Uczestnicy 11-16 lat; Termin 22.08-29.08; Miejsce Gościniec Nad Zalewem w Kątach Rybackich; Cena 1780 zł; Rabaty!


Projekt Młoda Kadra

Obozy szkoleniowo-rekreacyjne dla Teensów HKC chcących spróbować swych sił w roli Młodej Kadry; Uczestnicy 14-18 lat;
Miejsca na Warmii i na Pomorzu;
Terminy 26.06-25.07; 22-29.08; opcja 6-,8-,12-dniowa
Cena od 890 zł






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