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Our Team

We are a group of people of different ages and interests who, apart from family ties and friendship, share a passion for creating Happy Kid Camps and other Happy Kid Centre projects. Among us there are English teachers, pedagogues, artists, sportsmen and coaches, as well as students of various faculties (some of them “brought up” at Happy Kid Camps). Each of us is characterized by creativity, responsibility and cheerfulness. In the center of our interests is the child, his or her world and needs: each is important and unique to us. We do our best to give the best of ourselves to our pupils, and at the same time we derive a lot of joy and learning from playing together.
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Our Camps

The history of HKC Camps goes back to 2003, when Ms. Magda, Ms. Ninka and Ms. Malgosia were associated with a large international network of language schools for children and ran/worked in several educational centers in Warsaw. The first summer camps were very intimate, intended only for children studying in our centers. These were language-horse-artistic camps, each summer with a different theme (Indian, knightly, circus, etc.), with a fixed division into groups, fixed activities and with the preparation of an ambitious performance at the end, to which parents and other guests were invited. With time, however, the idea of camps for “happy children” came to Magda’s mind, who spend their vacations in the way she remembers from her childhood, i.e. simply playing, creating, building “bases” with materials at hand, inventing games, undertaking various activities and challenges or relaxing in hammocks, and most importantly building relationships with other children and adults. And that’s how the idea of Happy Kid Centre and Happy Kids Camps for toddlers was born in 2013, which over time, as the participants grew, evolved into Happy Kids&Teens Camps. As of 2018, the camps are organized by the family company HKC Ltd. HKC camps are intimate by design and with a permanent staff that has been working together for many years, which over time is joined by former camp participants, wonderful young people. Each staff member brings something from themselves to the rich program, from which the children are free to draw. However, despite our characteristic variety of activities, workshops, projects and attractions the program is not the most important thing at HKC. What makes our camps unique is the family atmosphere and our approach to each other and to our kids which is based on honesty, trust and acceptance. Moreover, we give the children and youth what they need most: time, attention and support. This is of greater value to us than any attraction or strict adherence to a plan. Although our approach was born naturally and is somewhat unique, it can be said that out of all the known methods and techniques we are closest to Turquoise organizations, democratic education and the educational methods of Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, while our way of communication is similar to the idea of NVC (non vilent comunication). It is worth adding that our staff, by virtue of their education and professions, as well as within our company, undergo numerous trainings in these and many other educational and upbringing methods and ways of communication.
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Our Places

As a place for camps, weekends and green schools, we prefer family-run guesthouses situated in beautiful and interesting, but less frequented regions, such as Warmia, the Swietokrzyskie Mountains or Suwalszczyzna, as well as in less known and exploited places by the sea or in the mountains. These guesthouses offer us good accommodation conditions, healthy, home-cooked food, a safe area to play, as well as what we highly value, i.e. peace and quiet and a suitable “climate”. It is important for us that the place and its surroundings give the children and us “room for imagination”, and not only ready-made attractions and modern infrastructure.
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Our Programs

We have created many original educational and adventure programs that are the basis of our camps, weekends, green schools and regular activities for children. These include:

HKC Permanent Staff


Magdalena Pawłowska


Methodologist of early foreign language teaching. Trained as an English teacher and physiotherapist. Author of language programs, songs, games and plays in English. Her passions are healthy cuisine, foreign languages, ecotourism and everything connected with HKC. At the camps she feels best in the role of Auntie Madzia fulfilling the wishes of all the children 🙂

Nina Sikorska


Educator and political scientist, administrative manager at a private preschool, associate at HKC. At the camps she serves as a staff supervisor and leads art-craft workshops. Participation in the camps is a “healing therapy” for her, an opportunity to spend joyful time with her children 🙂 She is a vegetarian and a book enthusiast.

Bartosz Pawłowski


HKC camp alumni, management student at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, ski instructor, yacht helmsman. Extreme sports enthusiast. During the camps he plays the role of a dangerous overseer 😉 and conducts workshops in juggling, science and carpentry. He is the author of interesting outdoor games and scenarios for military activities.

Joanna Pawłowska


Creativity psychopedagogue, dancer, Spanish teacher. She also runs creative classes in a forest kindergarten. She loves dance, contact with nature and travelling, e.g. to Mexico and Guatemala. At camps she specializes in improv and dance workshops as well as Cre-Art projects. Creative guardian of the Young Staff 🙂

Małgorzata Kierepka


Classical philologist, pedagogue, university lecturer of English and Polish for foreigners at SWPS and WUM. She has been with HKC from the beginning. During the camps she leads language and creativity projects, cooking workshops and henna tattooing. Extremely liked by young people. Passionate about natural medicine 🙂

Joanna Tarnas


Graduate of ASP, art and technology teacher at school, art therapist. She teaches art ceramics for children. She has been with HKC for many years. At camps she works as a counselor, conducts art-craft workshops and sens-art projects. A renaissance woman focused on development, who values harmony and development of the soul 🙂

Szymon Zbiegniewski


Alumni of HKC camps, student of cultural studies in Tilburg. His passions are snowboarding, windsurfing and film production. At camps he is an animator in the adventure program for the youngest. He is irreplaceable as a campfire choreographer and announcer during the evening program 🙂

Anna Wiśniewska


Student of physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education. Her passion is cooking, especially baking and various sweets. During the camps she leads very popular cooking workshops, co-organizes games and physical activities. Warm, caring and responsible by nature, she is the perfect caretaker for our Kids🥰.

Tymek Motławski


An alumni of HKC camps, he is a motor vehicle mechanic by trade and passion. His interests include board games, swimming and cycling. In HKC he is a member of the Young Staff. Irreplaceable in playing board games with kids, helping with horses, the best “wake-up call” 🙂 on camps.

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